Deprecated List
Member pqxx::connection_base::perform (const TRANSACTOR &T)
Pre-C++11 transactor function. Use pqxx::perform instead.
Member pqxx::connection_base::perform (const TRANSACTOR &T, int Attempts)
Pre-C++11 transactor function.
Class pqxx::internal::parameterized_invocation
Use exec_params and friends instead.
Class pqxx::prepare::invocation
As of 6.0, use transaction_base::exec_prepared and friends.
Member pqxx::row::row (result r, size_t i) noexcept
Do not use this constructor. It will become private.
Class pqxx::tablereader
Efficiently pull data directly out of a table.
Class pqxx::tablestream
Base class for obsolete tablereader/tablewriter classes.
Class pqxx::tablewriter
Efficiently write data directly to a database table.
Member pqxx::thread_safety_model::have_safe_strerror
Is error reporting thread-safe? Now always true.
Member pqxx::thread_safety_model::safe_query_cancel
Query cancel is always thread-safe now.
Member pqxx::thread_safety_model::safe_result_copy
Always thread-safe to copy a 'result' or 'binarystring' now.
Member pqxx::transaction_base::parameterized (const std::string &query)
Use exec_params instead.
Member pqxx::transaction_base::prepared (const std::string &statement=std::string())
Use exec_prepared instead.
Class pqxx::transactor< TRANSACTION >
Pre-C++11 wrapper for automatically retrying transactions.