libpqxx  7.1.2
1 /* Basic type aliases and forward declarations.
2  *
3  * Copyright (c) 2000-2020, Jeroen T. Vermeulen
4  *
5  * See COPYING for copyright license. If you did not receive a file called
6  * COPYING with this source code, please notify the distributor of this
7  * mistake, or contact the author.
8  */
9 #ifndef PQXX_H_TYPES
10 #define PQXX_H_TYPES
12 #include <cstddef>
13 #include <cstdint>
15 namespace pqxx
16 {
18 using result_size_type = int;
24 using row_size_type = int;
27 using row_difference_type = int;
30 using field_size_type = std::size_t;
33 using large_object_size_type = int64_t;
36 // Forward declarations, to help break compilation dependencies.
37 // These won't necessarily include all classes in libpqxx.
38 class binarystring;
39 class connection;
43 class const_row_iterator;
44 class dbtransaction;
45 class field;
46 class largeobjectaccess;
48 struct range_error;
49 class result;
50 class row;
51 class stream_from;
52 class transaction_base;
56 {};
60 {};
61 } // namespace pqxx
63 #endif
Something is out of range, similar to std::out_of_range.
Definition: except.hxx:193
Reference to one row in a result.
Definition: row.hxx:43
int64_t large_object_size_type
Number of bytes in a large object.
Definition: types.hxx:33
int row_difference_type
Difference between row sizes.
Definition: types.hxx:27
int result_difference_type
Difference between result sizes.
Definition: types.hxx:21
The home of all libpqxx classes, functions, templates, etc.
Definition: array.hxx:25
Connection to a database.
Definition: connection.hxx:136
std::size_t field_size_type
Number of bytes in a field of database data.
Definition: types.hxx:30
int row_size_type
Number of fields in a row of database data.
Definition: types.hxx:24
Abstract transaction base class: bracket transactions on the database.
Definition: dbtransaction.hxx:52
Binary data corresponding to PostgreSQL&#39;s "BYTEA" binary-string type.
Definition: binarystring.hxx:53
Marker for stream_from constructors: "stream from table.".
Definition: types.hxx:55
Reverse iterator for a row. Use as row::const_reverse_iterator.
Definition: row.hxx:352
Stream data from the database.
Definition: stream_from.hxx:60
Result set containing data returned by a query or command.
Definition: result.hxx:70
Definition: notification.hxx:55
Interface definition (and common code) for "transaction" classes.
Definition: transaction_base.hxx:67
Accessor for large object&#39;s contents.
Definition: largeobject.hxx:148
Reverse iterator for result. Use as result::const_reverse_iterator.
Definition: result_iterator.hxx:174
int result_size_type
Number of rows in a result set.
Definition: types.hxx:18
Marker for stream_from constructors: "stream from query.".
Definition: types.hxx:59
Reference to a field in a result set.
Definition: field.hxx:32
Iterator for fields in a row. Use as row::const_iterator.
Definition: row.hxx:249
Iterator for rows in a result. Use as result::const_iterator.
Definition: result_iterator.hxx:35