libpqxx  7.7.2
pqxx::internal::enum_traits< ENUM > Struct Template Reference

Helper class for defining enum conversions. More...

#include <strconv.hxx>

Public Types

using impl_type = std::underlying_type_t< ENUM >
using impl_traits = string_traits< impl_type >

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr zview to_buf (char *begin, char *end, ENUM const &value)
static constexpr char * into_buf (char *begin, char *end, ENUM const &value)
static ENUM from_string (std::string_view text)
static std::size_t size_buffer (ENUM const &value) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename ENUM>
struct pqxx::internal::enum_traits< ENUM >

Helper class for defining enum conversions.

The conversion will convert enum values to numeric strings, and vice versa.

To define a string conversion for an enum type, derive a string_traits specialisation for the enum from this struct.

There's usually an easier way though: the PQXX_DECLARE_ENUM_CONVERSION macro. Use enum_traits manually only if you need to customise your traits type in more detail.

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