libpqxx  7.7.3
pqxx::broken_connection Struct Reference

Exception class for lost or failed backend connection. More...

#include <except.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for pqxx::broken_connection:

Public Member Functions

 broken_connection ()
 broken_connection (std::string const &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pqxx::failure
 failure (std::string const &)

Detailed Description

Exception class for lost or failed backend connection.

When this happens on Unix-like systems, you may also get a SIGPIPE signal. That signal aborts the program by default, so if you wish to be able to continue after a connection breaks, be sure to disarm this signal.

If you're working on a Unix-like system, see the manual page for signal (2) on how to deal with SIGPIPE. The easiest way to make this signal harmless is to make your program ignore it:

#include <signal.h>
int main()
// ...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ broken_connection() [1/2]

pqxx::broken_connection::broken_connection ( )

◆ broken_connection() [2/2]

pqxx::broken_connection::broken_connection ( std::string const &  whatarg)

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