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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NpqxxThe home of all libpqxx classes, functions, templates, etc
 NinternalPrivate namespace for libpqxx's internal use; do not access
 Cbasic_robusttransactionHelper base class for the robusttransaction class template
 Cbasic_transactionHelper base class for the transaction class template
 Cbuiltin_traitsHelper: string traits implementation for built-in types
 CnamedclassHelper base class: object descriptions for error messages and such
 CuniqueEnsure proper opening/closing of GUEST objects related to a "host" object
 Cargument_errorInvalid argument passed to libpqxx, similar to std::invalid_argument
 Carray_parserLow-level array parser
 Cbasic_fieldstreamInput stream that gets its data from a result field
 Cbasic_ilostreamInput stream that gets its data from a large object
 Cbasic_lostreamStream that reads and writes a large object
 Cbasic_olostreamOutput stream that writes data back to a large object
 CbinarystringBinary data corresponding to PostgreSQL's "BYTEA" binary-string type
 Cbroken_connectionException class for lost or failed backend connection
 CconnectionConnection to a database
 Cconst_result_iteratorIterator for rows in a result. Use as result::const_iterator
 Cconst_reverse_result_iteratorReverse iterator for result. Use as result::const_reverse_iterator
 Cconst_reverse_row_iteratorReverse iterator for a row. Use as row::const_reverse_iterator
 Cconst_row_iteratorIterator for fields in a row. Use as row::const_iterator
 Cconversion_errorValue conversion failed, e.g. when converting "Hello" to int
 Ccursor_baseCommon definitions for cursor types
 Cdata_exceptionError in data provided to SQL statement
 CdbtransactionAbstract transaction base class: bracket transactions on the database
 Cdeadlock_detectedThe ongoing transaction has deadlocked. Retrying it may help
 Cenum_traitsHelper class for defining enum conversions
 CerrorhandlerBase class for error-handler callbacks
 CfailureRun-time failure encountered by libpqxx, similar to std::runtime_error
 Cfeature_not_supportedDatabase feature not supported in current setup
 CfieldReference to a field in a result set
 Cicursor_iteratorApproximate istream_iterator for icursorstream
 CicursorstreamSimple read-only cursor represented as a stream of results
 Cin_doubt_error"Help, I don't know whether transaction was committed successfully!"
 Cinsufficient_resourcesResource shortage on the server
 Cinternal_errorInternal error in libpqxx library
 ClargeobjectIdentity of a large object
 Clargeobject_streambufStreambuf to use large objects in standard I/O streams
 ClargeobjectaccessAccessor for large object's contents
 CnontransactionSimple "transaction" class offering no transactional integrity
 CpipelineProcesses several queries in FIFO manner, optimized for high throughput
 Cplpgsql_errorPL/pgSQL error
 Cplpgsql_raiseException raised in PL/pgSQL procedure
 Cquiet_errorhandlerAn error handler that suppresses any previously registered error handlers
 Crange_errorSomething is out of range, similar to std::out_of_range
 CresultResult set containing data returned by a query or command
 CrobusttransactionSlightly slower, better-fortified version of transaction
 CrowReference to one row in a result
 Cserialization_failureTransaction failed to serialize. Please retry it
 Csql_errorException class for failed queries
 Cstateless_cursor"Stateless cursor" class: easy API for retrieving parts of result sets
 Cstatement_completion_unknownWe can't tell whether our last statement succeeded
 Cstream_fromEfficiently pull data directly out of a table
 Cstream_toEfficiently write data directly to a database table
 Cstring_traitsTraits class for use in string conversions
 Cstring_traits< char * >String traits for non-const C-style string ("pointer to char")
 Cstring_traits< char[N]>String traits for C-style string constant ("array of char")
 Cstring_traits< const char * >String traits for C-style string ("pointer to const char")
 Cstring_traits< const std::string >
 Cstring_traits< std::nullptr_t >Weird case: nullptr_t. We don't fully support it
 Cstring_traits< std::string >
 Cstring_traits< std::stringstream >
 Csubtransaction"Transaction" nested within another transaction
 Cthread_safety_modelDescriptor of library's thread-safety model
 CtransactionStandard back-end transaction, templatized on isolation level
 Ctransaction_baseInterface definition (and common code) for "transaction" classes
 Ctransaction_rollbackThe backend saw itself forced to roll back the ongoing transaction
 Cunexpected_rowsQuery returned an unexpected number of rows
 Cusage_errorError in usage of libpqxx library, similar to std::logic_error