pqxx::internal Namespace Reference

Private namespace for libpqxx's internal use; do not access. More...




class  basic_robusttransaction
 Helper base class for the robusttransaction class template. More...
class  basic_transaction
 Helper base class for the transaction class template. More...
class  Escaper
class  namedclass
 Helper base class: object descriptions for error messages and such. More...
class  parameterized_invocation
 Helper class to construct an invocation of a parameterised statement. More...
class  reactivation_avoidance_counter
class  reactivation_avoidance_exemption
 Scoped exemption to reactivation avoidance. More...
class  sql_cursor
 Cursor with SQL positioning semantics. More...
class  transactionfocus
class  unique
 Ensure proper opening/closing of GUEST objects related to a "host" object. More...


using cstring = const char *
 Work around problem with library export directives and pointers. More...


void wait_read (const internal::pq::PGconn *)
void wait_read (const internal::pq::PGconn *, long seconds, long microseconds)
void wait_write (const internal::pq::PGconn *)
result_size_type obtain_stateless_cursor_size (sql_cursor &)
result stateless_cursor_retrieve (sql_cursor &, result::difference_type size, result::difference_type begin_pos, result::difference_type end_pos)
void clear_result (const pq::PGresult *)
 C++ wrapper for libpq's PQclear. More...
void throw_null_conversion (const std::string &type)
 Throw exception for attempt to convert null to given type. More...
int digit_to_number (char c) noexcept
 Compute numeric value of given textual digit (assuming that it is a digit) More...
char number_to_digit (int i) noexcept
std::string escape (const std::string &s, const std::string &null)
std::string escape_any (const std::string &s, const std::string &null)
std::string escape_any (const char s[], const std::string &null)
template<typename T >
std::string escape_any (const T &t, const std::string &null)
void freepqmem (const void *) noexcept
template<typename P >
void freepqmem_templated (P *p) noexcept
void freemallocmem (const void *) noexcept
template<typename P >
void freemallocmem_templated (P *p) noexcept
void CheckUniqueRegistration (const namedclass *New, const namedclass *Old)
void CheckUniqueUnregistration (const namedclass *New, const namedclass *Old)
void sleep_seconds (int)
 Sleep for the given number of seconds. More...
template<int , int >
int check_library_version () noexcept
 Library version check stub. More...
int check_library_version< PQXX_VERSION_MAJOR, PQXX_VERSION_MINOR > () noexcept


constexpr char sql_begin_work [] = "BEGIN"
 Commonly used SQL commands. More...
constexpr char sql_commit_work [] = "COMMIT"
constexpr char sql_rollback_work [] = "ROLLBACK"

Detailed Description

Private namespace for libpqxx's internal use; do not access.

This namespace hides definitions internal to libpqxx. These are not supposed to be used by client programs, and they may change at any time without notice.

Conversely, if you find something in this namespace tremendously useful, by all means do lodge a request for its publication.

Here be dragons!

Typedef Documentation

◆ cstring

using pqxx::internal::cstring = typedef const char *

Work around problem with library export directives and pointers.

Function Documentation

◆ check_library_version()

template<int , int >
int pqxx::internal::check_library_version ( )

Library version check stub.

Helps detect version mismatches between libpqxx headers and the libpqxx library binary.

Sometimes users run into trouble linking their code against libpqxx because they build their own libpqxx, but the system also has a different version installed. The declarations in the headers against which they compile their code will differ from the ones used to build the libpqxx version they're using, leading to confusing link errors. The solution is to generate a link error when the libpqxx binary is not the same version as the libpqxx headers used to compile the code.

This is a template declaration, but its only actual definition is a sepcialisation for the current library version. The definition is in the libpqxx binary, so it's based on the version as found in the binary. The headers contain a call to the function, specialised on the libpqxx version as found in the headers. (The library build process will use its own local headers even if another version of the headers is installed on the system.)

If the libpqxx binary was compiled for a different version than the user's code, linking will fail with an error: check_library_version will not exist for the given version number.

◆ check_library_version< PQXX_VERSION_MAJOR, PQXX_VERSION_MINOR >()

int pqxx::internal::check_library_version< PQXX_VERSION_MAJOR, PQXX_VERSION_MINOR > ( )

◆ CheckUniqueRegistration()

void pqxx::internal::CheckUniqueRegistration ( const namedclass New,
const namedclass Old 

◆ CheckUniqueUnregistration()

void pqxx::internal::CheckUniqueUnregistration ( const namedclass New,
const namedclass Old 

◆ clear_result()

void pqxx::internal::clear_result ( const pq::PGresult *  data)

C++ wrapper for libpq's PQclear.

Implementation of the pqxx::result class and support classes.

pqxx::result represents the set of result rows from a database query

Copyright (c) 2001-2017, Jeroen T. Vermeulen.

See COPYING for copyright license. If you did not receive a file called COPYING with this source code, please notify the distributor of this mistake, or contact the author.

References pqxx::result::result().

Referenced by pqxx::result::table_column().

◆ digit_to_number()

int pqxx::internal::digit_to_number ( char  c)

Compute numeric value of given textual digit (assuming that it is a digit)

Referenced by pqxx::tablereader::complete().

◆ escape()

std::string pqxx::internal::escape ( const std::string &  s,
const std::string &  null 

◆ escape_any() [1/3]

std::string pqxx::internal::escape_any ( const std::string &  s,
const std::string &  null 

◆ escape_any() [2/3]

std::string pqxx::internal::escape_any ( const char  s[],
const std::string &  null 

References escape_any().

◆ escape_any() [3/3]

template<typename T >
std::string pqxx::internal::escape_any ( const T &  t,
const std::string &  null 

References escape_any(), and pqxx::to_string().

◆ freemallocmem()

void pqxx::internal::freemallocmem ( const void *  p)

◆ freemallocmem_templated()

template<typename P >
void pqxx::internal::freemallocmem_templated ( P *  p)

◆ freepqmem()

void pqxx::internal::freepqmem ( const void *  p)

Referenced by freepqmem_templated().

◆ freepqmem_templated()

template<typename P >
void pqxx::internal::freepqmem_templated ( P *  p)

◆ number_to_digit()

char pqxx::internal::number_to_digit ( int  i)

◆ obtain_stateless_cursor_size()

◆ sleep_seconds()

void pqxx::internal::sleep_seconds ( int  s)

Sleep for the given number of seconds.

May return early, e.g. when interrupted by a signal. Completes instantly if a zero or negative sleep time is requested.

Referenced by pqxx::internal::unique< pqxx::transaction_base >::unregister_guest(), and pqxx::internal::basic_robusttransaction::~basic_robusttransaction().

◆ stateless_cursor_retrieve()

◆ throw_null_conversion()

void pqxx::internal::throw_null_conversion ( const std::string &  type)

◆ wait_read() [1/2]

◆ wait_read() [2/2]

void pqxx::internal::wait_read ( const internal::pq::PGconn *  c,
long  seconds,
long  microseconds 

◆ wait_write()

Variable Documentation

◆ sql_begin_work

constexpr char pqxx::internal::sql_begin_work[] = "BEGIN"

Commonly used SQL commands.

◆ sql_commit_work

constexpr char pqxx::internal::sql_commit_work[] = "COMMIT"

◆ sql_rollback_work

constexpr char pqxx::internal::sql_rollback_work[] = "ROLLBACK"