libpqxx  7.0.1
pqxx::zview Class Reference

Marker-type wrapper: zero-terminated std::string_view. More...

#include <zview.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename... Args>
constexpr zview (Args &&... args)
constexpr char const * c_str () const noexcept
 Either a null pointer, or a zero-terminated text buffer. More...

Detailed Description

Marker-type wrapper: zero-terminated std::string_view.

Use this only if the underlying string is zero-terminated.

When you construct a zview, you are promising that the underlying string is zero-terminated. It otherwise behaves exactly like a std::string_view. The terminating zero is not "in" the string, so it does not count as part of the view's length.

The added guarantee lets the view be used as a C-style string, which often matters since libpqxx builds on top of a C library. For this reason, zview also adds a c_str method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ zview()

template<typename... Args>
constexpr pqxx::zview::zview ( Args &&...  args)

Member Function Documentation

◆ c_str()

constexpr char const* pqxx::zview::c_str ( ) const

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